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2 January 2024
Work for Equity for Innovative SMEs and Startups: The Benefits Article

According to a survey conducted by the Ministry of Economic Development, in Italy, by the end of 2020 compared to the previous year, the number of Innovative Startups increased by approximately 10.4%, surpassing the 12,000 mark, and Innovative SMEs increased by 567 units. This demonstrates the resilience and adaptability of the Italian entrepreneurial landscape, highlighting […]

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18 December 2023
The Advantages of Investing in an Innovative Startup

According to the latest report published by the Ministry of Economic Development (MISE), as of January 1, 2022, there were approximately 14,000 active innovative startups in Italy. This growth has been consistent, especially when compared to the previous year when there were about 11,000 innovative startups. This increase can be attributed to various measures and […]

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11 October 2023
Apply for the Startup Visa Italy through a Certified Incubator

One of the tools to incentivize the establishment and development of innovative startups in Italy is the Startup Visa. This type of visa provides an accelerated and centralized procedure for those who apply for a visa in order to establish an innovative startup. The Definition of an Innovative Startup The concept of the innovative startup […]

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8 October 2023
The Innovative Startup as a Tool for Creating Business in Italy

One of the initial steps for those looking to develop their entrepreneurial idea is to choose the legal structure under which to operate. Among the various forms provided by the legal system, one is characterized by clear tax and bureaucratic advantages aimed at promoting rapid development. Therefore, it's essential to verify, before establishing the company […]

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8 August 2023
Work for Equity: Operational Guide to Valuation Expertise

Work for Equity is an exercise of increasing share capital¬† which professionals, external consultants, employees, partners, administrators, or more generally, labor or service providers, whether they are individuals or legal entities, are remunerated by assigning them shares, quotas, or participatory financial instruments of the startup or innovative SME, instead of traditional monetary compensation. Work for […]

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7 January 2023
How to finance an innovative startup with Smart & Start: successful cases

Smart&Start Italia is the facilitation tool managed by Invitalia to promote new, technology-intensive entrepreneurship and leverage on the outcome of the public and private research system. Since 2014, Smart&Start has funded over 1,400 projects throughout Italy. In 2022, 140 innovative startups were financed, with 89 million euros in investments. Amongst the most prominent sectors, cloud […]

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