Startup consultancy and innovative SMEs

startupWe support innovative Starups and SMEs to accelerate their development in the market. 

Thanks to a proven network of professionals, we are able to offer integrated consultancy on a wide spectrum, even in situations where different areas of expertise overlap.

The consultancy offers services on both the initial phase of setting up the company and subsequent phases of the development of business models.

Our partnership with a business incubator and accelerator allows us to offer the client company the best solutions to make business ideas innovative.

Innovative startups

We assist in the creation and growth of the innovative startups in all phases:

  • Assistance in setting up the company (drafting of the deed of incorporation and by-laws)
  • Registration in the special section of the Business Register
  • Drafting business plans
  • Drafting Investor Pitches: we create a document summarizing the information necessary for investors to evaluate the business model in order to make an investment in the company
  • Search for financing sources
  • conferment through Work for Equity: enhancement and expertise in order to capitalize the company by converting the work of members, administrators and collaborators into capital
  • crowdfunding campaigns

Innovative SMEs

  • Change statute in order to adapt it to the scheme of an innovative SME
  • Registration in Special Section of the Business Registry
  • Budget review
  • Funding and access to opportunities
  • Business Plan
  • Search for financing sources
  • Conferment through Work for Equity: enhancement and expertise in order to capitalize on the company by converting the work of members, administrators and collaborators in capital
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Pierpaolo Vannucci Advisors: about us

vannucci pierpaolo

Pierpaolo Vannucci

Chartered accountant and accounting expert since 1984. Pierpaolo Vannucci has extensive experience in tax and corporate consultancy and in bankruptcy proceedings, including international ones.

Giulio Vannucci

Giulio Vannucci is a layer; in Pierpaolo Vannucci Advisors mainly dealing with visas for foreign citizens and subsidized financing in collaboration with a certified startup incubator.

Gino Fontana

Significant experience in the fields of management control, planning and business planning. Fontana carries out statutory auditing and legality control activities in the context of his duties as Ordinary member of Boards of Statutory Auditors.

antonio polito

Antonio Polito

Antonio Polito graduated in Banking, Corporate Finance and Financial Markets. He mainly deals with consultancy for innovative Startups and SMEs.

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