Diadema Farmaceutici


Diadema is an innovative startup in the pharmaceutical industry constantly looking for innovations, new products, and new areas of application on existing products to make a positive impact in the patient's life.

In the pharmaceutical industry, offering innovative products is the key to success, and Diadema's directors, with their vast experience, having held key positions in the most important Italian and foreign companies in the sector, are able to identify the most promising clinical areas and the most disruptive products.

Our support to Diadema

Pierpaolo Vannucci Advisors has been working closely with Diadema for more than two years to help it reach its full potential and find the financial resources needed to accelerate its growth.

In particular, the firm, in addition to helping structure the company to maximize the benefits inherent in its innovative startup status and assisting it with financial planning and strategic choices in finance, has assisted this startup in securing significant bank financing, equity stakes from private investors, and interest from investment funds and industry groups.

Contact us

+39 0583316636
Viale S.Concordio 710 - 55100 Lucca (LU) Italia
Via Fiume, 11 - 50123 Firenze (FI) Italia
C.F e P.IVA. 02623630460
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