Establishment and initial assistance for a project that has attracted large resources.

Planckian is a startup that is working on a special kind of battery called "quantum batteries" to change the way we get energy. These batteries are different from traditional chemical batteries because they are based on quantum mechanics, a branch of science that studies very small particles.

Quantum batteries use particles called "qubits" that can be in two different energy states. Researchers on this project have developed a way to control these qubits so that batteries can be recharged much faster than can be done with traditional batteries.

The startup was created by a group of scientists from the University of Pisa and the Scuola Normale Superiore. The goal of the new venture is to make this promising quantum battery technology commercially available in the energy sector.

Our Support for Planckian

Vannucci Advisors played a key role in the establishment of the startup, offering support and advice throughout the process. Initially, it helped the company with the startup registration paperwork, ensuring that all formalities were met and that it obtained the expected benefits.

In addition, we provided initial guidance on possible funding scenarios for the project, helping to identify the most suitable opportunities and advising on presentation strategies to potential investors. Thanks to Vannucci Advisors' assistance, the startup had a solid foundation to start its entrepreneurial journey.


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