Roomless: Support for Smart&start.

Roomless is a marketplace for medium-term real estate rentals that aims to revolutionize the rental market through a platform capable of digitizing the entire rental flow in a way that makes it safe, simple and fast.

The company has entered this market segment in a disruptive way, establishing itself as a leading Italian player and attracting investment from major financial players, including Fondazione CR Firenze, Nana Bianca, Sensible Capital, and Club degli Investitori.

Our support to Roomless

Pierpaolo Vannucci Advisors assisted Roomless with the preparation of the smart&start funding application. Thanks to the quality of the business project and the experience of Pierpaolo Vannucci Advisors' team, Roomless was awarded a financing of more than €850,000 of which about €220,000 was grant funding.

Our firm confirms a very high success rate in assisting with Smart&start funding applications, thanks to which we were able to obtain for our clients a total of more than €2 million, of which €500,000 in grants.

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Viale S.Concordio 710 - 55100 Lucca (LU) Italia
Via Fiume, 11 - 50123 Firenze (FI) Italia
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