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Sol Lucet Trading Srl is a Certified ESCo that stands out for its innovation in the field of energy efficiency and energy services, with a particular focus on projects in the industrial sector.

SLT's growth in recent years has been remarkable, supported by advanced energy efficiency solutions and the implementation of Industry 4.0. technologies combined with innovative financial solutions.

SLT, in collaboration with partners capable of bringing the necessary expertise for each sector, has created a series of subsidiaries that offer specialized services related to the world of energy and energy efficiency, including Sunlink srl, which specializes in Industry 4.0 solutions, Cer Italia srl benefit for Energy Community management, and Hosolemio Srl, a startup in the world of energy that offers the advantages of an investment in an innovative startup with the possibility of high returns thanks to tax deductions and plant management entrusted to Sol Lucet Trading.

Our support for Sol Lucet

Our collaboration with Sol Lucet Trading began during the pandemic when the company was still a small reality but with important potential and ambitions. Thanks also to the establishment of an excellent human relationship with the management and employees, Pierpaolo Vannucci Advisors accompanied Sol Lucet on its growth path by providing strategic advice especially in the financial sector.

Key milestones along this path have been the transformation into an innovative SME and the adoption of work-for-equity policies to enhance the value of the company while rewarding and retaining strategic employees.

Our firm has also assisted Sol Lucet Trading in the establishment of innovative startups created to enhance new business branches synergistic with the same, and has assisted in relations with credit institutions and investment funds also with innovative and complementary finance instruments. The firm also collaborates with Sol Lucet Trading in the ambit of Energy Communities, providing financial/legal advice and the elaboration of Financial Economic Plans for the realization of Renewable Energy Communities  through project financing.

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Viale S.Concordio 710 - 55100 Lucca (LU) Italia
Via Fiume, 11 - 50123 Firenze (FI) Italia
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