Visas and incoming consultancy for foreigners in Italy

monterriggioniItaly is globally recognized as one of the most fascinating places to live. The Mediterranean climate, the much praised culinary art, the wonderful landscapes, make our country a popular destination for foreigners from all over the world.

At the same time, Italy also offers excellent opportunities for doing business: foreign-owned companies are now a structural reality in Italy (among the regions, Tuscany is in the lead) and foreign multinationals, according to ISTAT 2020 data, are around 15,500.

For this reason, we take care of and manage immigration procedures for foreigners in Italy and the opening of new offices on behalf of foreign citizens and foreign companies.


For foreign citizens

  • Consulting for the identification of the most suitable visa for the client's needs
  • Assistance in investor visa applications, startup visa, elective residence visa
  • Assistance with the tax code request
  • Real estate consultancy

For foreign companies

  • Analysis of customer needs and identification of the most appropriate type of entrepreneurial organization for business start-up or development and drafting of acts of incorporation and statutes
  • Definition of the entrepreneurial structure and internal structures
  • Assistance for the attribution of the Tax Code for the shareholders and directors of the legal entity
  • Assistance in setting up the legal subject and preparation of all mandatory administrative and accounting obligations
  • Preparation of contracts in two languages, Italian and English
  • Assistance in the stipulation of the deed at the Italian notary's office, issuance of the certificate of
    stipulation and registration of the legal entity in the Company Register
  • Assistance in what is necessary for the start of the activity (activation of PEC certified e-mail,
    attribution of the VAT number, notification of the start of the activity, etc.)
  • Assistance in the process of opening a bank account
  • Accounting, drafting of mandatory declarations and financial statements, assistance in arranging

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Pierpaolo Vannucci

Chartered accountant and accounting expert since 1984. Pierpaolo Vannucci has extensive experience in tax and corporate consultancy and in bankruptcy proceedings, including international ones.

Giulio Vannucci

Giulio Vannucci is a layer; in Pierpaolo Vannucci Advisors mainly dealing with visas for foreign citizens and subsidized financing in collaboration with a certified startup incubator.

Gino Fontana

Significant experience in the fields of management control, planning and business planning. Fontana carries out statutory auditing and legality control activities in the context of his duties as Ordinary member of Boards of Statutory Auditors.

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Antonio Polito

Antonio Polito graduated in Banking, Corporate Finance and Financial Markets. He mainly deals with consultancy for innovative Startups and SMEs.

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